Self-Care is an Everyday Job

Use what you got!

You are with you 24/7 my dear, and for so many of us the more so. While things are so funky and not in a good way, take the opportunity to develop a self-care practice that is reasonable, sustainable and enjoyable! It is the best thing you can do for yourself and the people around you as there is no way to pour from an empty cup! Stay tuned here for blog posts, featured content, holistic home-care tips, guided meditations, videos and more!!

Blog Post: Surrender with Tamara Levitt

So you are stuck at home? Well I know how you feel and in my blog post I talk about my adventures with the #Calm app and the wisdom of Tamara Levitt their illustrious Head of Mindfulness. In it I circle back to the realization that staring at the bars never opens them, it just frustrates us!

Natural Reflexology

Feet are so often forgotten, they carry us everywhere, literally. So ask yourself, what thanks do they get? Seriously, do you thank your feet? Gratitude goes a long way (just like them!) So here is my reflexology tip, take your feet for a walk on some uneven surfaces like grass, sand, pebbles, cobblestone or just cool water.

They spend all day pounding the pavement, so reward them with a little natural reflexology. The groves and dips underfoot will stimulate the reflex points in the feet, triggering relaxation and detoxification throughout the body!

Sounds of Silence

I have heard it said that the great thing about silence is that it is never truly silent. We live in a noisy world, even when we are just sitting in our chair at home. The thrum of fans and whoosh of air conditioning, ticking clocks, bubbling aquariums, music, chatter and even your own breath and heartbeat. When you listen out your window there is traffic, wind, rain (hopefully not fire), bird song and any number of natural elements like leaves, water, critters, waves etc. Try this creative exercise;

Find a place to sit and listen. Set a timer anywhere from 5 to 10 minuets, close your eyes and try to identify each sound, and when you do take a deep breath and listen closely. What do you like about it? What memories does it evoke? How does it make you feel physically and mentally? Not all sounds will be interesting to you but listen anyways. Then open your eyes and write in descriptive language about the ones that are, then read it aloud to hear them in a new way! This is a small taste of silent mediation, if you like it read this post on extending the exercise. I have done small silent retreats and I find it a great way to really connect with what you need.

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