My practice is located at the The Massage Addict at 164 Danforth. I have been working in Toronto since 2006. I am trained in reflexology and certified by the Reflexology Registration Council Of Ontario Organization. 

Reiki is a traditional Japanese form of energy work translating to “universal energy.” In hands on and hands off work I use my intention and intuition to channel healing energy. In the course of a reiki treatment energy works through the body moving energetic, creative, mental, emotional or physical blocks. This supports the body to release stress and anxiety, promote healing and provide insight to messages your body communicates with you.

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Reiki is also excellent for the healing of wounds, burns, bruises, the treatment of mental and emotional distress, shock as well as tension headaches and migraines. I have worked with clients dealing with issues such as bereavement, detoxification, sleeping disorders, chronic pain, fatigue, digestive issues, reproductive issues, circulatory issues, eating disorders and terminal conditions.

I have facilitated workshops on relaxation techniques, stress management, essential oils and couples reflexology.

To book an appointment please call (647) 352-3004

If you have any questions for me call (416) 317-2124 or email me at

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